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Dave Aronson
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The Codosaurus
(by Fanie GrĂ©goire)

Codosaurus, LLC

Software Development Consulting

What can I evolve for you today?

Clients: Atomic Broadcast

Who are they?

Atomic Broadcast no longer exists.  It was a very early-stage startup, with an idea about some social media filtering.  (No I won't tell you more.)  There was, as far as I know, only the founder, and no code written before me.  Also, this was my first Rails freelancing gig!  :-)

What did I do, when, where?

I created a tiny Rails app with one feature for them: retrieval of a user's tweets from Twitter, via the Twitter API.  I did this in about four hours, in December 2011, 100% remotely, as a timeboxed "test drive" of my skills.

What did they say?
I really like what you've done here!
-Andrew Dixon, Founder
What did I use?

Technologies, techniques, tools, etc. I used there included: