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Dave Aronson 
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The Codosaurus
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Clients: Onlife Health

Who are they?

Onlife Health, based in Brentwood, Tennessee, USA, is a health and wellness company.  Their clients are insurance carriers, who insure employees of their client companies.  Onlife offers those employees ("members") services such as advice, health assessments, help setting and tracking health-related goals, and one-on-one coaching.

What did I do, when, where?

I worked there, in a staff-augmentation role on their team, from March to September 2014, 100% remotely (as did about half the people), via RaveTec.  Specifically, I worked on the coach-facing section of their portal, adding features, fixing bugs, reviewing code, helping define/refine the processes, documenting things, etc.  For instance, I:

and much more.

Unfortunately, since my work was all on the coach-facing part, I can't show you my work products in action, unless you get them to hire you as a coach!  ;-)

What did they say?
I worked with Dave while at Onlife Health.  He always was impressive with his knowledge of Development.  It took him very little time to be a contributing member of the team despite being 100% remote.
-Fred Bidel, Product Owner
What did I use?

Technologies, techniques, tools, etc. I used there: