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Dave Aronson
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The Codosaurus
(by Fanie GrĂ©goire)

Codosaurus, LLC

Software Development Consulting

What can I evolve for you today?

Services: Advice

This means working not so much with the developers as their leadership (not to be confused with management), to determine what tools, techniques, processes, etc. would be most effective (within a reasonable budget).  Of course I may also need to confer with the developers to see what they already know, object to, etc., and get their "take" on the current and desired situations.

How Does It Work?

First, you send me some generic information.  I email you back, asking some more questions.  Some of these are generic, and some are follow-ups to what you said.  There may be some more back-and-forth.  This is all to make sure that we make best use of our limited time together.

If we determine that my advice services are a good fit for you, we determine what "size" of advice you need (Small aka Velociraptor, Medium aka Triceratops, Large aka Apatosaurus, or something customized), you send in payment, and we set a date, time, and place (which may be virtual).

When that time comes, you and I and some people from your development team's leadership, and possibly some other developers, talk for some length of time (see the table below).  During this time, we discuss what challenges you're facing, what unique strengths and weaknesses your team has, what sorts of things you're planning to have them work on, what you're doing now, what you've tried, how that worked, and so on.  I may also observe your current processes, meetings, tools, etc. in action, especially any planning/review meetings, issue trackers, source control repositories, and team communication or other collaboration facilities.

About halfway through, we'll check our progress, to see if you feel that we are on track to cover everything you need.  If not, we'll discuss options such as covering a broader area but in less depth, staying more focused, changing direction, taking more time now (if I'm available), scheduling an additional session for later, and so on.

At the end, we'll check coverage again, to see if we're really done discussing, or if we need to take more time now or schedule additional sessions.  We may need that to go into more depth, examine new ideas, discuss something we skipped, or other reasons.

After our discussion, I do some more research (in line with the size) to close up any gaps, maybe ask you some more questions by phone or email, and finally send you a report.  What's in the report varies by the size, as shown in the comparison table below.

Velociraptor mongoliensis tiny a14b39ac2cce344b9356c4c187bb27eaea16dd5e4d6841cde294eeba649c3ac1
Triceratops by tom patker tiny e65ce4c52ca8d6d2393f92fcc4b22f53bbb424c341a14af8e9887fa389ef416b
Brontosaurus by tom parker tiny bbfa42c230f5cf50065d9bd3a275829cf1ce6d8687be714dfc635d99f3c38763
I discuss it with up to this many of your developers, preferably the leadership: 135
  • remotely (by phone, Skype, Google Hangouts, or whatever)
  • or in person (at your office or wherever else we agree on)
for one span of up to this many hours: 1 4 8/day
  • including observing how your team works now
and you get a report including recommendations:
  • on processes, techniques, and tool types
  • on specific tools and/or configurations
  • tailored to your project
all for NORMALLY a total of: $998 $2,998 $4,998
but now at INTRODUCTORY HALF-OFF SALE prices of: $498 $1,498
(plus expenses)
per day
(plus expenses)

If there's anything else you need, just ask.  Otherwise, you can go ahead and submit your inquiry.