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Dave Aronson 
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The Codosaurus
(by Fanie GrĂ©goire)

Codosaurus, LLC

Software Development Consulting

What can I help you evolve today?

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I offer the following services (click on each title for details):

Roadmaps for your software development projects.  This gives you clarity on what you need and how to get there, plus some documents you can use to shop around for the actual implementation.  This is available in three levels of detail.

Advice for your software development teams.  I can help you figure out a good set of software development processes, tools, techniques, etc., to help ensure well-written software that meets your needs.  This is available in three levels of detail.

Training for your software developers.  I can teach them how to produce high-quality software, using modern techniques (such as TDD / BDD, Pair Programming, etc.) and a set of key aspects I have figured out over the years.  Classes are currently available only in half-day length, but I can expand a class into longer if there is demand.

General terms:

If there's anything else you want, that's closely related to my current services, or you have any questions, let's talk about it.