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Dave Aronson
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The Codosaurus
(by Fanie GrĂ©goire)

Codosaurus, LLC

Software Development Consulting

What can I evolve for you today?

Clients: US Government

Who are they?

This is really just a piece of the United States federal government.  No, it's not one of those whose operations are normally top-secret or anything like that.  However, they don't like it being known that any given person works for them (including consultants).  I will only mention that they are a former client from when I was employed at BAE Systems, doing fairly similar work.  I made a good impression on them, and kept in touch over the years, and when they had some suitable work, they contacted me.

To cut through a lot of the red tape inherent in government contracting, I am working as a subcontractor through a fairly large government contractor, who also prefers to avoid the spotlight.  So, all I will say about them is that they're not one of the big famous ones most people would recognize, but enough that people in the business would recognize them.

What am I doing, when, where?

I have been working for them since January 2016, on a project to create a cross-domain High Assurance Guard.  I am not only writing code, but also advising on processes, tools, standards, and other such matters, helping define the features and such for another similar upcoming project, and mentoring junior developers.  You're not going to get much further detail here, as they also don't like the work being discussed publicly either.

The work has been about 96% remote so far -- everything but a few local meetings, a few trips of a few days each, and a few days of pairing (near me) with a junior developer.

What am I using?

Technologies, techniques, tools, etc. I used there included: